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RTLSA Multi User Demonstration Web Application

RTLSA is a fictional company created for use within this live demonstration web application.

RTL SA is a manufacturing company specializing in the design, formulation, testing and production of bespoke rubber compounds and mouldings. Due to the complexities of the operation each customer has their own unique recipe designed specifically for their product looking at factors such as the elasticity, hardness and tolerance to certain chemicals. Their current system consists of manual paper based office system and is now looking to implement a digital electronic system to manage this process, their product specifications and their customers. Their ideal system will be a web based data driven application accessed via multiple web browser platforms with 4 main user groups;

  • Customers
  • Managers
  • Query Managers
  • Investigation Engineers

Customers will have the facility to visit the application website and self register themselves with the system providing certain information such as name, company and contact details. Once registered customers will be able to access their online account, create new enquires and track existing queries being processed by the system.

Managers will have access to view all completed and active enquiries logged in the system and is responsible for authorising certain stages in the process such as deciding if a sample should be made, how much money can be spent investigating a particular sample and documenting important information about the specific enquiry. The manager also has the responsibility of generating the final quote for the customer after all the system processes have been completed and the final product has been tested and verified by the investigating engineer. If at any point in the process it is decided that the product cannot be produced by RTL SA the manager will review the case to ensure no business is lost before informing the customer.

The system has been designed with an easy access login to enable you to visit different areas of the site according to the login credentials. For a free online demonstration of this application call our development team on 0845 153 0094 we can help you gain an insight on how a digital online platform application could dramatically improve and stream line you business or operation maximising your profits and your customer satisfaction targets.

Portfolio Details
  • Duration 6 Month
  • Date June 2014
  • Software PHP, HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, MySql Database
  • Categories CMS Applications