CNE Back-office Portal with Quotation Manager

Copiersnortheast.co.uk are a B2B company part of Total Business Group supplying new and fully reconditioned photocopiers printers and scanners to companies across the Northeast Region.

As an extension to the copiersnortheast.co.uk catalogue, Total business wanted to take their digital platform and extend its capabilities by incorporating a customer management system with the facility to create a online and printable quotation fully detailing all the relevant financial and hire term agreement details.

Connecting to the pre-existing online catalogue database designed by us, we created a streamline a user friendly interface where company personnel could create new customer records, assign and build complex quotes that automatically calculate rental agreement and financial data.

The system was designed to standardise and make a more efficient process for processing a crucial part of their sales strategy. The effectiveness of the systems allows the primary users to maximise their potential for a successful deal by allowing the user to generate complex quotes with several unique lease comparisons detailing model specifications, welcome letters and special notices relating to hire and purchase agreements.

End users are notified of the arrival and are issued a unique link which will deliver them to the their personal dynamically driven online quote.

Using standardised menu feature from across the web, end users can easily navigate through a personalised slimline website dedicated to there quote. The information contained with the quote is presented to the end user in a clear precise and easy to understand format which can be saved to create a printable PDF Document.

Portfolio Details
  • Duration 6 Month
  • Date Sept 2014
  • Software PHP, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, MySQL Database
  • Categories CMS Applications